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Guaranteed to be the best book to help you learn boxing basics

Budo Boxing, “The Way of Boxing,” is an in-depth guide for anyone who wants to begin to learn to box. I go in-depth and cover proper boxing fundamentals and intricacies behind the art, sport and discipline of boxing. This book will provide the reader the necessary information to begin to understand this martial art.

After 15+ years of experience with boxing experimentation, training, and actual competition, I have created this guide for anyone who:

🥊 Has no experience with boxing and wants to jump start their journey
🥊 For current boxers looking to improve their technique and skill set
🥊 For boxing fans interested in further understanding the intricacies behind the art of boxing.
🥊 For practitioners to really understand the Science behind ‘The Sweet Science’ that makes boxing work.

I spent blood, sweat, and many tears to figure out how boxing really worked

I have spent an incredible amount of personal time figuring out how boxing really works, and during that time I couldn’t find A SINGLE BOOK along my journey that really helped. Therefore, I created Budo Boxing to give you all the shortcuts to help you avoid all the awful confusion I went through.

Learn to box with Budo Boxing – get in-depth knowledge, information, and concepts not easily found anywhere, including:

🥊 The type of equipment you will need for your journey
🥊 How to wrap your hands and why
🥊 Proper boxing stance
🥊 Fundamentals behind each unique punch
🥊 Essential footwork
🥊 Correct movement
🥊 Advanced Guidelines and Concepts of boxing
🥊 PLUS links to videos for even more visual explanation

I wrote Budo Boxing as an athlete who has spent years of trial and error to attain the experience necessary to guide others through their own journey. This book will give you the necessary knowledge you need to excel your own learning. Boxing has totally changed my life at the core. As a result, I decided to create this book and pass on information that I GUARANTEE will help you.

I’ve spent time developing a unique martial arts approach to boxing and I’ve made sure that I have presented the information in this book in a step-by-step, easy to understand way. I literally created the guide I wish I had when I first started. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to box, you absolutely can.

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